Australian Politics Summed Up By Gifs

A lot of us, including myself, haven’t really come to terms with just what happened the other day in Canberra. To make it easier, here it is summed in the most accurate way possible: through gifs.

Talks Of A Leadership Spill Began Again:

MRW a girl flirts with me.

Everyone Tried To Stay Awake During Question Time:

Gillard Announced The Spill For That Night:

Oh boy!

Rudd Confirmed He Was Contesting:

Rudd (Pretty Much) Told  Gillard:

Thanks for the reminder gollum

The Coalition Reacted:

Clapping Rock

Bill Shorten Announced He Was Backing Rudd:

Rudd Was Finally Announced As The Winner:

Just finished Season 4 of Arrested Development.

Gillard Made A Final Speech:

Rudd Made A Speech:

How is it possible that this isn't an imgur reaction .gif?

The Labor Party Had A Bad Day

Yes I know it's old, but melon, hit head, from slingshot ..... it is amazing.

Australia Reacted To The Current Political Situation:

My reaction upon realizing that there will be no new Arrested Development episodes to watch come Monday night.


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